Thank you very much. You have Completed our T-Shirt Challenge. We will inform you if you win T-Shirt or Our Data Reload.

Please read below details to get idea how to select winners.

Terms and conditions

  1. The winner will be the one who gets the maximum number of points in the shortest time.
  2.  Final decisions on winner/winners, how long the challenge will run, disqualification of participants based on mal practices will be taken by the judge board of “Orange”.
  3.  Participants cannot go to against the decisions made by the judge board.
  4.  The Names and results of the participants will be made public during the competition.
  5.  The winner has to prove his or her authenticity by providing an active email, phone number and their own Facebook or LinkedIn profile.
  6.  If any of the participants are caught using cheating using unauthorized methods to increase chances of winning the challenge, that user and his/her results will be canceled immediately.
  7.  Terms and conditions will be updated any time as needed.